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First Contributions

If you're not comfortable with command line then follow this simple steps.

You need git for this project, you can install git from here.

Step 1: fork the repository

fork this repository by clicking the fork icon. This will create a copy of the project in your repository.

fork image icon

Step 2: Clone the repository

Clone this repository by clicking the Code drop down icon. Then click the copy to clipboard icon.

copy to clip board icon

Step 3: Clone the repository to your local system

Open a terminal and run the following git command from your system:

git clone <>the repository url<>

git clone https://github.com/ullaskunder3/mnx-blog.git

You need to be inside the working directory, project directory by using cd <path_to_directory>

  • Do necessary installation npm install

Step 4: Create a new git branch

Now create a branch using the git checkout command:

git checkout -b your-new-branch-name


git checkout -b name-md-blog1

the example branch name is just an example go nuts(be meaningfull :)).

Step 5: Make changes to the branch

Now, you can makes any changes to your repository Like adding new markdown, Change up the CSS. Add more files go nuts(the good one😁).

  • Make your changes, big or small, and then save it.
  • Display the status of the repository with git status
git status


On branch name-md-blog1
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/name-md-blog1'.
Changes not staged for commit:
bla bla bla
  • Add your changes locally with git add <filename>
git add how-to-create-readme.md
  • Commit your changes locally with git commit


git commit -m "added new markdown"
  • Now enter git push origin <branch_name> to push the changes to your branch
git push origin name-md-blog1

If you got stuck for the the help or ask mr.GOOGLE 🀩;

Step 6: create pull request

After success git push from local you will see Compare & pull request button in your forked repository.

Click on Compare & pull request button.

Compare & pull request

  • Add title and write some description

pull request img

Click on Create pull request to submit the pull request.

Soon the branch merged into the main branch of this project. You will get a notification by email

Celebrate your contribution and share it with your friends 😁.